Shine Bright Child Care & Learning Center

Shine Bright Child Care Provides The Best Experience For Your Child

We are aware of the demanding schedule that parents face today, which is why we give each full-time child up to 10 hours of care per day. We also offer additional hours, if needed. We will always go the distance to make YOU the parent feel comfortable and your child’s experience unforgettable.


We follow specific nutritional plans. We offer a variety of nutritious options during meals and snacks, and we make mealtime fun. Especially when introducing new foods! Veggies or fruits at least twice per day. Family style meals. No fried foods.

Infant feeding:

Breastfeeding moms can provide milk and are welcome to breastfeed during school time.


Water, whenever. No sugar-sweetened drinks. 

For ages 2+: low- or non-fat milk.


UPMC Employee Discount

 Do you need service for more than one child? There is a discount for that too

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